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To ensure the highest quality support for learners and volunteers, and to enhance the professional standing of local literacy staff within their libraries and within the field, we must devise ways for local library literacy staff to improve their knowledge and skills. The tools and resources on this page are designed to provide access to as many high quality training and networking opportunities as possible.

Literacy Networks in California

Bay Area Literacy (BALit)
Joanne Wright, Solano County Library - (707) 784-1526
Randy Weaver, San Francisco Public Library - (415) 557-4390

Central Valley Library Literacy Network (CVLLN)
Penny Hineline, President, Roseville Public Library - (916) 774-5355
Laura Mikelbank, Vice-President, Roseville Public Library - (916) 774-5355

Central San Joaquin Valley Literacy Coalition (CSJVLC)
Sue Gillison, Tulare County Public Library - (559) 713-2745

Inland Library System Literacy Services Committee (ILS)
Allen Callaci, Rancho Cucamonga - (909) 477-2720 x 5072

North Central Coast Library Literacy Network (NCCLLN)
Wendy Kay, San Benito County Library - (831) 636-4107 ext. 20

Northern California Literacy Coalition (NCLC)
Dawn George, Orland Public Library - (530) 934-6906
Emma Breacain, Humboldt County Library - (707) 445-3655

South Central Coast Literacy Providers (SCCLP)
Beverly Schwartzberg, Santa Barbara Public Library - (805) 564-5619

Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN)
Diane Moseley, Huntington Beach Library - (714) 375-5102

Updated January 2015