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Parenting Resources

It is a challenge to find appropriate parenting materials that are written at levels low enough for FFL adult learners. However, several booklets written at appropriate literacy levels can be purchased from New Readers Press.

As a Child Grows by Roseanne Keller

Your Home Is a Learning Place by Pamela Weinberg

You and Your Child’s Teacher by Pamela Weinberg

The Safe, Self-Confident Child

Another excellent source of child development information and age-appropriate activites that promote growth are two books by Jackie Silberg. They give the corresponding developmental skill that each activity promotes and are all one-pagers.

Brain Games for Babies by Jackie Silberg

300 Three Minute Games: Quick and Easy Activities for 2-5 Year Olds by Jackie Silberg

This book about divorce and another about being a single mother are both children’s books that can also be useful for parents.

Dinosaur’s Divorce by Brown

Do I Have a Daddy? by Jean Lindsay

New research supports the key role of parents as their children's most important teachers-but how do we help parents most effectively? For class materials on this critical topic, get your copy of Building Your Baby's Brain: A Parent's Guide to the First Five Years. This new Department publication, in partnership with Teaching Strategies, covers areas such as how mother's taking care of herself builds baby's brain before birth; why it is important to touch a baby; how to help a baby learn self-control; and how to share books together. Easy reading single copies are available in both English and Spanish.