Hear firsthand from adults who have participated in California Library Literacy Services

(Please also visit the Adult Learner Leadership Institute page for stories from learners who have participated in the Institute.)

Enrique’s Story (7:46)

John Corcoran, author of The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read, is interviewed at the READ San Diego 2018 conference. (4:36)

Together, California Reads: 30 Years of Library Literacy (7:01)

Donna Jones shares her story of limited reading and writing skills, and why she now volunteers to help children with reading. (3:14)

Steve Tafoya describes the impact of low literacy on his life, and the progress he’s made with his volunteer tutor, Anna Ramirez. (2:54)

Greg Wagner explains the challenges of living with limited literacy skills, and the help he’s received from volunteer tutor, Shauna Manwill. (2:59)

Kristi: A Learner’s Perspective (3:59)

Leon: A Learner’s Perspective (3:33)

Linda: A Learner’s Perspective (3:40)

Enrique: A Learner’s Perspective (1:42)

Adult Learner Perspectives: The Story of four adult learners (Enriqué, Kristi, Leon and Linda) and their journey to literacy. (10:35)

Los Angeles Public Library

See testimonials from Valentin Valdez and Gregory Hill who are learners in the Los Angeles Public Library’s adult literacy program (2019):