Regional Library Literacy Networks

image of library with shelves and tablesCalifornia Library Literacy Services’ programs are grouped into eight regional library literacy networks.

Network members meet several times a year for training and to exchange information. The meetings help library literacy staff improve their knowledge and skills, connect with colleagues, and take on leadership roles.

Library literacy coordinators who are not members of their local regional networks should contact us to get connected.

  1. Bay Area Literacy Network (BALit)
  2. Central Valley Library Literacy Network (CVLLN)
  3. Inland Literacy Network (ILN)
  4. North Central Coast Library Literacy Network (NCCLLN)
  5. Northern California Literacy Coalition (NCLC)
  6. Southern Central Coast Literacy Providers (SCCLP)
  7. Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN)


The California Library Literacy Services listserv is a forum for literacy coordinators and other staff to connect, ask questions, and share information, and for State Library staff to communicate with the field. Library literacy coordinators who are not members of the list should contact us to get connected.