Application and Reporting Timeline

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  • February: Pre-application forms are due.
  • April/May: Annual application forms are due.
  • July: Awards are issued when the state budget passes.
  • August/September: Annual reports are due.
  • Ongoing: Budget change request forms are submitted when funds are reallocated from one approved budget category to another. All requests must be submitted and approved before the end of the fiscal year.

Application and Reporting Forms and Instructions

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Funding Formula

The California State Library distributes funds to participating libraries according to a three-part formula that reflects the California Library Literacy Services mission and values. The funding formula was created in 2003 to implement the newly revised California Library Literacy Services Law. The State Library provides participating libraries with:

  • baseline amount that reflects the importance of each library having funds to provide a minimum level of local literacy staffing.
  • per capita amount per adult learner served—reflecting the belief that adult literacy services are the heart of California Library Literacy Services and the basis for the program’s family literacy services.
  • match on local funds raised and expended for adult and family literacy services—reflecting the State Library’s commitment to state and local partnerships.¹

¹ If a library literacy program’s local match is less than the baseline amount it receives from the State Library, the program is not eligible for the matching and per capita portions of the formula.


Using Gender-Inclusive Language (July 2020)

Guidelines for Collecting Demographic Information (August 2020)