Here’s a beautiful marketing video, Celebrating a Decade of Adult Literacy, created by a volunteer for the Redlands Adult Literacy Program at the A.K. Smiley Library. It showcases what success can look like in California Library Literacy Services and models a powerful means of marketing a program. Created in 2020.

Guerrilla Marketing for Literacy:  A presentation by Jose Cruz and Valerie Reinke full of ideas for promoting adult literacy services.  The tips are easy to use, relevant, and will help you to take what you already have and kick it up a notch. Recorded in 2006.

Getting the Word Out: Guidance on how to get the word out using mass media. Created in 2008.

Market Survey Results: Information about what motivates learners and volunteers to participate in library literacy programs. Created 2005-2006.

Sample Media Letters

Press Release Template

Sample Flyer_Learner

Sample Flyer_Tutor


Fundraising Events

Fundraising events raise awareness of the value of library literacy programs and while generating funds to support them.

Panelists: Carol Chapman, Ventura County Library; Laura Seaholm, Contra Costa County Library; Kathy Endaya, Redwood City Public Library; Cindy Breeden, Hayward Public Library; Sandy Tosti, Solano County Library; and Carla Lehn, California State Library. Recorded in 2013. (46:15)

Walk a Mile Procedure Manual Hemet Public Library’s event was designed to raise awareness of the challenges that families with low literacy face every day. The manual helps others replicate the event.

Team Up! Dream Up! A video created by Monrovia Public Library for its literacy fundraiser.


Individual Donor Plans

San José Public Library’s Partners in Reading program explored ways to increase funding through a three-year individual donor campaign.  The following documents are shared to help others create a similar campaign.

Individual Donor Plan Scope_of_Work_for_PLP_and_SJPL_project_RFP
Individual Donor Plan Remit-envelope-inside
Individual Donor Plan Remit-envelope-outside
Individual Donor Plan_Messaging_and_Communication_Tools
Individual Donor Plan Story-Opening_the_Glass_Door
Individual Donor Plan Story-From_Frustrating_to_Friendly
Individual Donor Plan Story-My_Hero_Is_My_Mother
Individual Donor Plan Story-My_Hero_Is_My_Tutor
Individual Donor Plan Roadmap_to_Creating_a_Fund_Development_Plan
Individual Donor Plan Postcard-1_Man_Quote
Individual Donor Plan Postcard-2_Woman_Quote
Individual Donor Plan Postcard-3_Tutor_Pair_Message_
Individual Donor Plan Postcard-4_Montage_thank_You