“We are better able to help tutors stay focused on the learners and letting the adult learner’s goals and needs guide the tutoring process.”     Huntington Beach Public Library

The Inspired Learning Model™ (ILM) focuses on the process of facilitating learning rather than on specific content. In a pilot project, three CLLS libraries agreed to develop, implement, and evaluate pre-service training for volunteer literacy tutors based on The Inspired Learning Model™.  The model enhances the CLLS learner-centered approach by:

  • Ensuring a safe and fun learning environment
  • Honoring the learner as an equal partner in the learning process
  • Facilitating mastery by engaging with the target content in a variety of ways
  • Acknowledging the learner’s success rather than pointing out errors.

This project was a response to one library seeing that 60% of potential tutors who started its tutor training workshop would drop out prior to completing it. With a 40% completion rate, they knew that something needed to change.  Supported by LSTA funding, three library programs (Huntington Beach Public Library, Santa Clara County Library, and Watsonville Public Library) explored incorporating the Inspired Learning Model into their tutor training.  Their desired primary outcomes included improved tutor training completion rates, increased number of tutors submitting accurate and timely monthly reports, and improved tutor retention rates.

Introduction to the Inspired Learning Model

Inspired Learning Model Training Tools