In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, CLLS programs, through a grant to Pacific Library Partnership, will place 70 AmeriCorps members to assist CLLS programs in the COVID-19 recovery process over a three-year period. Below you will find resources to help support your AmeriCorps application and program.

AmeriCorps Resources

AmeriCorps California logo

CLLS AmeriCorps Initiative slide show from August 10, 2022.

CLLS AmeriCorps Initiative application link for libraries. Opens August 10, 2022 and remains open until all positions filled. Access to the PDF version of application.

LiteracyWorks and Library Site Agreement and LiteracyWorks and Library Memorandum of Understanding templates.

California Volunteers offers a brief Member Recruitment Overview. Recruitment ideas and sample social media posts can be found at the California Volunteers Regional Recruitment Toolkit and website; be aware that some of the planning content is for broader programs and not for individual sites.

Draft Member Service Agreement with member position description (this form is pending final approval from California Volunteers). Please note that the original document includes comments intended for site supervisors. You’ll want to have a clean copy for your members.

Customizable Member Application Template to be modified with individual CLLS program information. Link to FoodCorps application, if you want a model to develop your own application. 

Sample member letter of commitment.

2022-2023 CLLS Budget Modification Form for CLLS ESL programs wanting to request additional ESL funds to support AmeriCorps.