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Welcome! An Orientation to CLLS

Welcome to California Library Literacy Services (CLLS)!

This section of our website is devoted to providing an overview for new library literacy coordinators and staff about your relationship with the State Library, including CLLS funding and reporting, as well as services and resources provided to support you.

We suggest you start by learning about the basic philosophies that undergird our programs by reviewing the CLLS Mission and Values.

Next, learn more about the three program components of CLLS -- Adult Literacy, Mobile Library Literacy and ELLI (English Language Literacy Intensive) – by reviewing the Program Essentials we expect for each component from the libraries we fund to provide them.

For an overview of what the legislature expects for the money it provides to California Library Literacy Services, take a look at the 2003 law that was enacted for our program, replacing the original 1984 legislation.

A new funding formula (pdf) was created in 2003 in order to implement the new law.  In essence, there are 3 parts to the formula that reflect our CLLS mission and values:

The funds are provided in two "payments" each year:

To keep getting the funding, you will make an application to the State Library each year in May. Application Materials AND reporting to us twice each year – a final report is due mid-August for the previous January through June services and a revised budget due in mid-December, which updates your application budget based on what you get from the state library and from other sources.  The reports are entered online.  You can find all the reporting information by going to the Staff Resources Section of our website, and clicking on "Reporting."

You can also look at and print out the full Reporting Timeline

A directory of additional potential funding resources has been designed to help library literacy staff identify additional potential funding resources in order to stabilize local services.

You can link up with other library literacy providers in your area for networking purposes by joining your local network.

Our CLLS Listservs are available for keeping in touch as well.  If you are the overall literacy coordinator in your library, or the adult literacy coordinator, you should be added to the "CLLS" listserv. Contact Andrea Freeland at ASAP and make that request, because that list is used not only as a place to post questions to your colleagues around the state, but is also used by the State Library as the principal communication medium for most things important. You should also join the other listservs, depending on which of our CLLS program components you are responsible for: There is a Mobile Library Literacy Services list, and an ELLI list. Contact Andrea Freeland at and state which ones you would like to be added to.

You can always ask for help from your state library literacy team:
Andrea Freeland, email:, ph: (916) 651-3191

If you're looking for something and can't find it, or have a question about how CLLS operates, don't hesitate to contact us.