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CLLS Next Steps –

Literacy Coordinators and their Library Directors will want to join Jacquie Brinkley and Carla Lehn from the state library literacy team for a discussion of what we can do to support our library literacy programs now that the state budget "trigger" has been "pulled" and we know there will be no state funding for CLLS for this 2011/12 fiscal year.

By the date of the webinar, we should have information to share about the Governor’s proposed budget for 2012/13. We will also share results of the recent CLLS survey, and discuss what steps we can take to keep as many of our programs healthy as we can until state funding returns. . .

Webinar: January 18, 2012, Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Presenters: Carla Lehn and Jacquie Brinkley

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Library Literacy Marketing Toolkit (Where you will find other material for marketing your literacy program.)

We expect a lively discussion on the situation and we do want to hear from all of you. In order to accomplish this we are going to be using a WebEx meeting room where you will be able to connect to the meeting using VOIP (Voice Over IP). To do this you will need to have a computer with microphone and speakers (this could be a headset with mic or other similar device). If you do not have this capability you may dial in using a phone connection. When you login you will be given a choice of connecting via computer or phone. If your computer or headphones can not connect for some reason please use the phone option.

IMPORTANT - If you choose the phone option a text box will open giving you the phone number, access code and, your ID number. Dial the toll free number and you will be asked to enter the access code using you phone and press the # key. You will then be prompted to enter your ID number and then press #. It is extremely important that you enter your ID number and not press the # without entering as this is what links your name to your phone. If you ask to talk and your phone and ID are not linked we have no way of knowing which line is yours so we can unmute your phone in order to hear you.

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