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2010 ProLiteracy California Summit

The January 21 meeting of the Southern California Library Literacy Network included a ProLiteracy Symposium featuring

ProLiteracy, based in Syracuse, NY, is the world's largest organization of adult literacy and basic education programs today. The ProLiteracy California Literacy Initiative is an effort to strengthen services to programs in California. This Symposium includes a town hall session in which programs are invited to voice their needs and interests with ProLiteracy, to inform the direction for the California Initiative.

Peter Waite Alison Werner John Zickefoose Cathay Reta
Peter Waite
Executive Vice President
Alison Werner
Director of Communications
United Literacy
John Zickefoose
Community Liaison
Corona Public Library
ProLiteracy Board of Directors
Cathay Reta

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Videos recorded:
January 21,
California Library Literacy Network
Orange County Public Library, Cypress Branch

ProLiteracy and the National Picture
21:00 minutes
Peter Waite View Archive
Overview of United Literacy
19:00 minutes
Alison Werner View Archive
The California Initiative – Town Hall Discussion
79:00 minutes
Peter Waite
John Zickefoose
Cathay Reta
View Archive