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Patti Christensen

Patti ChristensenPatti Christensen, Oceanside CA.  As a professional storyteller and clinical social worker she works in many different venues, including children's hospitals, museums, festivals, bookstores, libraries, religious groups, scouting groups, senior centers, as well as other school and social service settings. Patti also is a favorite at parties and as a keynote speaker at conferences and special events. Her BA in History, Masters of Theology and Masters of Social Work degrees make her uniquely qualified for work in different settings using story to speak to important spiritual and value issues. Patti was a Drama Consultant and Literacy Specialist for the Escondido Public Library, and continues her interest in helping children and adult build their literacy skills as well as develop a love of reading.

She is a popular workshop leader and creative drama teacher leading workshops in a wide range of storytelling areas. Patti is a member of the National Storytelling Network, Healing Stories Alliance, Storytellers of San Diego, and the South Coast Storytellers Guild.