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Cyndy Colletti

Cyndy Colletti, Literacy Program Manager at the Illinois State Library, has an MLS from the University of Illinois where she was honored to be awarded the Social Justice Award for providing library services to groups whose needs fall outside the parameters of traditional library services. For more than 20 years, she has worked in the fields of library services, adult education and literacy and social service. Since 1992, she has been employed at the Illinois State Library Literacy Office where she initiated the Family Literacy Grant program. Her current responsibility as Literacy Program Manager includes grants management and facilitating the effectiveness of local program implementation by providing materials, training and support for literacy providers in Illinois. In 2003, the Illinois Adult and Continuing Educator's Association gave her the President's Award in recognition of personal and professional contributions to the field of adult education in Illinois. She is particularly proud to have worked cooperatively with local library and literacy practitioners to serve the needs of adult learners.