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Trailblazers and the Pioneers Who Followed Them:
Discovering the Role for Literacy in Libraries

Over 20 years ago, progressive leadership from the California State Library coincided with timely legislation to create an infrastructure for sustainable literacy services in California's public libraries. In other states insightful library staff, prominent business leaders, and passionate community members have forged local collaborations and developed funding resources, with and without government monies, to build and sustain literacy services in their communities.

Now the results from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) are providing powerful justification in support of a nationwide library response to the literacy crisis. Gain insight into your role as a catalyst for change in your community as you hear from experienced library leaders and true visionaries who were—or are now—responsible for maintaining and growing literacy services in their states.

Wecasts recorded: March 2, 2007
Public Library Association (PLA)
Spring Symposium
San Jose, CA

Taylor Willingham
Founder of Texas Forums
Adjunct Faculty for graduate library schools at the University of Illinois and San Jose State University

Panel 1: Trailblazers

Susan Hildreth
State Librarian of California
PLA President
Length: 17 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Gary Strong
University Librarian, UCLA
State Librarian of California 1980-1994
Length: 19 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Dr Robert Wedgeworth
President & CEO of ProLiteracy Worldwide
Retired university librarian and professor of library administration
Length: 24 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Panel 1 Q&A
Length 25 minutes
View Archived Webcast

Panel 2: Pioneers

Sandy Newell
Library Program Specialist, Office of Community Development
State Library and Archives of Florida
Length: 10 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Robin Osborne
Adult & Outreach Services Consultant
Westchester Library System, New York
Length: 19 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Cyndy Colletti
Program Manager, Literacy Office
Illinois State Library
Length: 28 minutes
View Archived Webcast
Panel 2 Q&A Length: 18 minutes View Archived Webcast

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