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Advocacy Basics

For more than 20 years, weve witnessed the tremendous value library literacy programs bring to the lives of folks throughout our California communities. And we have an important story to tell--including sharing it with key decision and policy makers.

You may be thinking gulp. . .yikes. . . advocacy!

But you know what? Advocacy in support of our library literacy programs is essential and your role is especially vital. You can do it! And its so important that you do.

New to advocacy?

Carey is relatively new too and learning about advocacy has definitely been an adventure! Join her as she leads you through "Advocacy Basics (no frills J)" sharing some of what shes learned, including a discussion of just what advocacy is, why it matters, practical tips for how to jump in and do it, suggestions for getting up to speed legislatively, and some ideas for how to sustain your efforts.

Approached lightheartedly, the message is genuine and heartfelt--As staff members, volunteers and supporters of literacy, we represent folks in our community who traditionally havent had a voice in the legislative arena. Their voices need and deserve to be heard. By embracing advocacy and your role, you help to tell the extraordinary story of our California Library Literacy Services. You can do it!

Webcast Recorded:
June 5, 2006
Length: 50 minutes
Speaker: Carey Gross
Butte County Library Literacy Services Fellow, California Literacy MEDAL (Managers, Executives and Directors for Adult Literacy)
Carey Gross View Archived Webcast

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