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Adjectives, Verbs, and Prepositions, OH MY! Using Diagramming to Build Comprehension

For many students and teachers "diagramming" sentences is a dreaded part of Language Arts. What's the point? When diagramming is approached from the perspective of "what is the function of the language in sentences?" we can use grammar concepts to build comprehension skills. Using simplified language and a meta-cognitive process, students and teachers discover the parts of speech within sentences. Participants will create "Code Cards" to use in their settings and learn how to apply this process with formal grammar.

This program was recorded at READ/San Diego's 22nd Annual Tutor Conference, June 9, 2012

Webcast Recorded:
June 9, 2012
30:00 minutes
Patricia “Trish” Padgett
Educational Therapist
Co-author, Writing Adventures system