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Friends and Foundations Webinar for Literacy Programs

Join literacy colleagues Sue Bigelow from the Woodland Public Library, Val Hardie from READ/San Diego, Alice Bradshaw and Roberta Roth from Menlo Park – as they share their experiences in reaping the rewards of relationships with Library and/or Literacy Friends and Foundations. You will learn from recent survey results how CLLS programs around the state seek funds from and/or through their Library Friends Group, their Library Foundation, and/or their own Literacy Friends Group or Literacy Council. You’ll have an understanding of issues/challenges of each source, and will gain information to help you determine your next steps. Sample documents, and other resources and links will be shared.

Presentation Material

See previous webinar: Library Foundations: How to Start One for Your Library
Presenters Slides:
pdf - full page
pdf - 3 slides per page
ACN - By-Laws 2012: doc [66kb] - pdf [XXkb]
App for the Board of Directors: doc [61kb]
Lit Vols HBPL Bylaws: docx [111kb] - pdf [82kb]
LSC Bylaws: doc [32kb] - pdf [51kb]
Menlo Park Bylaws: doc [69kb] - pdf [129kb]
Friends and Family Q&A: doc [54kb] - pdf [99kb]
Yolo Literacy Council Bylaws: pdf [186kb]

Sue Bigelow, Woodland Public Library
Alice Bradshaw, Menlo Park Public Library
Valerie Hardie, READ/San Diego, San Diego Public Library
Roberta Roth, Menlo Park
Carla Lehn, CA State Library
Jacquie Brinkley, CA State Library
Webcast Recorded:
June 20, 2012
58:00 minutes