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Promoting Your Library-Based Literacy Program, Inside and Out

This workshop is intended for literacy program coordinators who are overwhelmed by the demands being placed upon them by library personnel and by the outlying community. Many partners, inside and outside of the library, don't understand that coordination of a literacy program is a challenging full-time job. Program coordinators don't need more work, especially someone else's work. They need more assistance.

Internal and external public relations and communications are vital to others gaining an understanding of what is involved in the coordination of a literacy program. Part of this misunderstanding may have some roots in the library culture itself, from library science programs to the California State Library and down to each library director and library board.

Part of the problem is rooted in program coordinators not availing themselves of the resources in their community.

This workshop will feature tips on what can be done to influence the greater library culture so that literacy program coordinators have the internal support that they need to operate their programs successfully.

Additionally, communications and relationship building outside of the library can result in greater support from the community. Sometimes, program coordinators struggle in matching their needs with what resources are available in the community. Hence, workshop participants will be involved in exercises that will help them convert community contacts into resources for literacy.

Webcast Recorded:
June 23, 2006
Length: 40 minutes
Speaker: Jose Cruz
Executive Director, Southern California Library Literacy Network
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