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Adult Learners: Helping Libraries Make Magic!


Public library adult literacy programs are a vital service in communities. Adult learners attending these programs are uniquely positioned to advocate and promote library activities of all kinds, especially literacy. Find out what’s being done nationally and in California, and how your library can produce the same magic.

These archived webcasts feature presentation from librarians, literacy coordinators and adult learners highlighting the outcomes of projects that feature adult learners as advocates for their libraries This program will be especially valuable for libraries who partner with adult education providers, and for staff who manage adult literacy programs.

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Webcast Recorded: June 29, 2008
American Library Association Annual Conference
Anaheim, CA

Welcoming Remarks:

Sandra Newell
Chair, ALA Committee on Literacy
State Library and Archives of Florida
Length: 2:57 minutes
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Panel 1: The National Perspective --

Libraries, Literacy and Adult Learners

Moderator: Sandra Newell


Susan Hildreth
State Librarian of California
Office of the State Librarian
Length: 17:11 minutes
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Dale Lipschultz
Literacy Officer
Office for Literacy and Outreach Services
American Library Association
Length: 10:51 minutes
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Marty Finsterbusch
Executive Director
Voices of Adult Learners United to Educate (VALUE)
Length: 9:18 minutes
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Panel 1 Q&A
Length 3:07 minutes
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Panel 2: The Local Touch --

Adult Literacy in California Libraries

Moderator: Lynne Price
Literacy Program Coordinator
Benicia Public Library


Ann Cousineau
Solano County Library
Length: 6:13 minutes
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Elizabeth Martinez
Salinas Public Library
Length: 14:40 minutes
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Valerie Hardie
Program Director, READ/San Diego
San Diego Public Library
Length: 4:41 minutes
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Susan Lynn
Reading and Literacy Manager
Contra Costa County Library
Length: 8:44 minutes
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Panel 2 Q&A
Length: 20:29 minutes
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Panel 3: The Learner’s Voice --

The Impact of Library Literacy Services

Moderator: Rosie Manela
Program Coordinator
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library


Donna Jones
Adult Learner
South San Francisco Public Library
Length: 7:04 minutes
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Tammy Lozier
Adult Learner
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library
Length: 11:59
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Leon Veal
Adult Learner and Staff Member
San Francisco Public Library
Length: 2:34 minutes
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Panel 3 Q&A
Length: 13:49 minutes
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Summary and Call to Action

Moderator: Jacquie Brinkley
Library Programs Consultant
California State Library

Marty Finsterbusch
Rosie Manela
Leon Veal
Dale Lipschultz
Length: 10 minutes

California Library Association / Literacy Section

Speaker: Randy Weaver
Length: 5:56 minutes
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