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All About Roles & Goals

Here is a series of short video presentations on Roles & Goals, the outcomes-based evaluation process used by California Library Literacy Services (CLLS). These are a great reference for literacy staff and volunteers.

Wecasts recorded:
July 25, 2007
Speaker: Valerie Reinke

Valerie Reinke

View Archived WebcastSegment 1: Why Roles & Goals?
Length: 19 minutes

Here we’ll touch on the philosophy behind Roles & Goals.  You’ll get a quick overview of outcomes based evaluation and then we’ll demonstrate how your literacy services benefit from the Roles & Goals process. This is great video piece for a new staff-person who would like to get the big picture or for the veteran staffer as a review of the rationale behind Roles & Goals.

View Archived WebcastSegment 2:  New Directions for Roles & Goals
Length: 23 minutes

Segment 2 takes an in-depth look at the newly evolved form and instructions and shows how input from literacy staff and learners throughout California has shaped these tools.  This piece complements the "Instructions for the Roles & Goals Process" handout and gives you the nuts and bolts for training staff and volunteers to use Roles & Goals.

View Archived WebcastSegment 3: Reporting to the State Library
Length 20 minutes

Now that the form has evolved, so have the reporting requirements, but not to worry!  Even with new components, your overall reporting workload has likely diminished.  Get the scoop so you can face your biannual Roles & Goals report without fear and loathing.  This piece complements the handout, "Roles & Goals Reporting to the State Library."

Slides and Handouts: