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Megan Timothy

Megan TimothyMegan Timothy is a woman of action. She grew up in Rhodesia, in Southern Africa, and came to the U.S. at 21. With her spunky personality and stunning looks, she quickly fell into the Hollywood "scene." She worked more than 20 years as an actress and a screenwriter. Along the way, Megan acquired an old house in North Hollywood, which she converted to a B&B that became a well-known stopping place for celebrities and big-name politicians.

Not content with the glitz and glamour of her life in Hollywood, Megan took a friend's challenge and rafted down the Mississippi, then canoed much of the Amazon. At 56, Megan needed an even greater challenge and biked solo more than 10,000 miles around most of Europe and parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

But in 2003, at the age of 60, Megan faced her greatest challenge of all. She suffered a major bleed in her brain as a result of an unknown, genetic defect and lost all ability to communicate. Initially unable to speak, read, or write, Megan has recovered from that horrible experience to write her story. She writes with eloquence and humor about things that would make any other person simply weep with fear and frustration. Megan Timothy is a true storyteller and brings us right to the brink of our own sense of mortality as she reveals the layers of her own despair, anger, fear, and ultimately triumph.